Baby Twins Gift Baskets

At BabyGifties, we offer a wide range of Gift and Gift Baskets which make great baby for twins and their parents! Surprise the expecting couple with a bundle of joy as big as their own with a selection of amazing twin baby gifts featuring adorable and affordable for every budget items for the new or soon-to-be parents.
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It is double happiness to have twins! The parents of twins always have double-measured smiles, hugs, and kisses. Nevertheless, having twins means double responsibility, and of course… double presents!

Don’t worry, there is no need to purchase two similar packs. online store offers amazing gift baskets for twins. 

What is Inside Twins Gift Baskets?

Each twin gift basket contains two similar selections of baby presents. You can find two similar clothing units, two similar toys, or other accessories for newborns. 


As usual, this is an obligatory element of any gift! Cute bodies, rompers, and suits for the little angels are included.


Knitted, plush, stuffed animals, teethers, and many other toy types are put in the gift baskets for twins. Of course, there are two toys in the pack! They may be similar. Nevertheless, they may be different, but following one particular style. For instance, if a basket contains diverse toys - e.g., for a boy and a girl - they are still designed following the basket style and the subject matter of each other.

Blankets and Various Bedclothes

Soft and gentle blankets, diapers, swaddles, and baby linens are also added to the gift baskets for twins. There are two of each item. They can be similar or have some different features. For instance, they can vary in color - the blue blanket for a boy and the pink one for a girl.

Books, Notebooks, Games

You can also find different books to read or to play with the twins. They will surely enjoy reading and bright illustrations. Moreover, there are notebooks to make important remarks about newborns. Note how they grow, what do they say, etc. There may be two notebooks or a single one designed especially for twins' parents.

Cosmetics, Accessories, and other useful Knick-knacks

To make an addition, a mom of twins has to own a double quantity of different stuff for kids. That is why the twins baby gift baskets by include plenty of feeding sundries, bottles, teethers, baby caring subtle things, and much more.

What’s special about twin gift baskets? provides high-quality baby gift baskets organized especially for twins. All the things included have a top-notch quality. Represented by the best world brands they look amazing and will service your babies for a long time.

The twins gift baskets can be different according to their outfits. They can contain

  • two similar neutral presents combinations
  • two similar presents combinations for baby boys
  • two similar presents combinations for baby girls
  • two different, but resembling presents set (e.g., different colors - blue / red)
  • two different presents outfits for a boy and a girl following one style

Anyway, the twins and their parents will enjoy the gift baskets!

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