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Shop our Practical and Affordable Baby Girl Gifts and Gift Baskets, that makes gifting easy and fun! Celebrate baby girl into our beautiful world with BabyGifties Baby Girl Gift Baskets. Our Baby Girl Gift Baskets will make your baby girl loaded with premium quality practical items for Baby Girl!
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Can you imagine something prettier than accessories for newborn girls? A variety of pink color tinctures, clothes and toys for a little princess, sweet dolls, teddies, balls… Yeah, it is not so easy to select a present for a baby girl. If you want to choose one, take care to select the items able to make her and her mom feel like a princess and a queen.

Though the task is difficult, online store can help you to make a wonderful and extraordinary gift for a little girl. View our catalog to purchase a present for you first meeting the newborn girl, visiting her at home or maternity hospital, being invited to her birthday party or baptizing celebration.

What do Offer for Newborn Girls?

Well, whatever you decided to buy to greet a baby girl, we can offer you a sweet and pretty gift basket. We provide a wide range of presents by the best brands at really affordable prices! What do our gift baskets for baby girls include?


Rompers, bodies, suits, knit sets by the best manufacturers are presented in our packs. This is a vital element of any present to a baby girl since clothes are highly needed for newborns. Stylish and cute clothes will make any princes happy!


Find a lovely variety of blankets, diapers, and other bedclothes for little girls. These things can make any bed or baby carriage pretty. You will be pleased with the soft and tender colors and prints delicately designed for baby girls.


What may a baby girl like? Of course, cute stuffed bears and bunnies, lovely ducks to swim with, as well as different dolls, unicorns, cows, giraffes, and not only!

Useful Sundries

Besides, make a useful present for a baby girl and her mother giving them some useful things for their everyday life. We also add cosmetics, teethers, bottles, binkies, and other sundries developed by famous brands in the gift baskets for baby girls.

Indeed, this is a lovely opportunity to get all of the above mentioned in one pack. And what is no less special, the basket itself is so cute and follows the whole gift style.

Why Choose A Basket As A Gift For A Newborn Girl?

Of course, you can select different single stuff to present for a newborn baby girl. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper to purchase a gift set. This will also save much of your time since we have gathered, packed, and decorated the gift for you. All the gifts in the set follow the same style. The same fabric and contextures are used in several units making the basket even more stylish and luxurious. The real girls will love this!

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